I Came Across A Cave.

I came across a cave.

It wasn’t well lit.

It had cobwebs and old designs.

I came across a cave.

It was ancient and hidden,

But no one lived in it.

For it was unknown.

I came across a cave,

It won’t change,

Nor would its treasures.

As a passerby, I saw it.

I came across a cave.

The darkness which glorifies it,

When the Sun goes down.

The history of its own is withstood.

The lap on which it is lying,

The creepers on its roof.

It is waiting for its own one’s,

When they will enter in it.

I came across a cave.

The depth of the cave who knows,

Maybe deeper than the reef.

Some hidden treasure may be in it.

Someone might have passed his life alone,

Or might have friends in a coup.

I came across a cave.

Some birds make nest in it.

It didn’t complain.

The ants, the mites and other creatures,

Lives in it with their pleasure.

Pitter-patter the rain drops and,

When the cold wind blows,

It gives warmth and shelter and long it is waiting for its friends.