The Kite Competition Continued……………

Sai Baba 1

The three friends who took part in the kite flying competition met once again as planned. They were  wearing their sunglasses and had brought fresh kites with them ( I had written the post about it yesterday – Three Competing Kites.). They came at about nine O’ clock in the morning, after finishing their breakfast. They went to the three different ends of the playground and started flying their kites. For half an hour all that they did was spend their energy trying to get the kites high up in the air and the wind was against them.

Sai Baba

They were nearly exasperated when, there was a sudden change in the direction of the  wind flow and immediately, the kites started going higher and then again. It was a tough fight with the wind to control their kites. In the meanwhile, four other boys came into the playground bringing their kites with them. Soon there were seven kites flying in the sky and more people came and started cheering them.


After five minutes or so, one of the original contestants of the competition brought down the kite of one of the boys who had joined later. This act bought a new level of rivalry in the two groups of boys and with more cheering from the crowds, they became more aggressive in their attitudes and were beginning to quarrel, when three elder men from the locality started flying kites. Soon many more people started crowding in the playground and like bees attracted to honey, vendors with their wares and goods came their and started hawking their products.

Diwali 4

The kite competition went on for more than forty five minutes, when at last there were only two participants remaining. One of them an elder and the second one a small boy.

In the bravely fought kite competition, the boy won the match fair and square as the elder was spending most of his time scratching his bald head and the boy meticulously and cleverly brought down that bald man’s kite.

Sai Baba 1

The kite competition turned out to be very enjoyable for the whole locality as everyone whether a champ or a zero had come to watch the match and the boy who won was cheered by everyone and his mother presented him with a big chocolate bar for winning the match. All the neighbourhood aunties had brought delicious dishes for him throughout the day, for he was the hero of the day.





The chocolate and its wrapper have changed, but the sentiment remains the same.

A chocolate which has been in the market throughout the generations has stood the test of time and it still remains a favourite with the masses, for it is economic, handy and on each and every celebration it is given to people as a small token of festivity or celebrations.

Now with the time changing rapidly, the quality and taste of the chocolate has changed. The chocolate is stickier, gooier and can be kept in the mouth for a longer period of time. The wrapper of the same chocolate has been given an uplifted look and it is now presented in the market with a very much hi-fi design.

In ma’s childhood days , her uncle used to bring two Cadbury eclairs for her every Sunday.

As a child myself, having two pieces of Cadbury eclairs or anyother would give me the feeling of being a king. I used to pop one chocolate into my mouth    on my way to school or while coming back from school and the other I would share it with ma and baba. Still they wouldn’t get more than half of the chocolate piece.

Sharing chocolates with friends or classmates is anyother thing which brings out few happy moments in each and everyone’s life.

Just imagine the happiness when someone comes to you and offers or gives you two chocolate pieces for it is their birthday or they have come first in the class or it is some very happy occasion for them.

Many a times it would happen that, we would treasure those chocolates as something more precious than any currency. Some classmates would have it during the recess or would have while going back home in the school bus and some of them would come and ask-“ae tere pass ek extra chocolate hai? Tu mujhe ek dega kya?” These line were in Hindi and they translate as-“Do you have an extra chocolate? Will you give me one?”  I would politely tell them no and off they would go to some other fellow to ask for. Though no one would share. Sometimes I think we all used to go to school for such experiences rather than for studying.

The cost has increased, but people still prefer the same. While everything has changed, the sentiment of people regarding it has remained the same. There are many varieties of chocolates available nowadays and the market is flooded with chocolates imported from other countries. Despite all these competitions, it remains number one in the market.

Sometimes old does remain gold.





Chocolate Themed Waffles with Bread Buns.

Few days ago, I had the liberty of buying chocolate themed waffles from a world famous waffles shop. Those chocolaty, crunchy waffles were excellent to have.They were laced with ganache and topped with Belgian chocolates.One bite and you will feel that you have reached the gates of heaven and with another bite you will feel that you have entered heaven and with a few others you will feel that you have settled down in the biggest condo in heaven.But then what happens is that everything starts getting boring.It is the same with the waffle also.Halfway into the chocolate themed waffle and you will feel that it needs something else. Therein comes those sweet bread buns.Just buy them from any bakery store and munchingly and chillingly have them with the chocolate waffle and you will definitely feel that permanent residency of heaven has been granted to you.

Adios! Happy Eating.