Mathew And His Colour Pencil.

A small boy named Mathew had gone to the park with his mother.Few days back she had bought him a set of colour pencils.

Mathew went and sat on a bench. On his lap was his colouring book. His mother Rita was arranging a small picnic for him nearby.He was constantly under her gaze.

He had just finished colouring the leg of the lion when five minutes later a ball came and touched his legs and he got momentarily disturbed and the pencil fell down from his hand onto the bench .

He began colouring and at that moment he felt an extreme pride in the fact that he was colouring a lion.

Mathew gave the ball back to the boy to whom it belonged and started searching for his pencil.

But he couldn’t find it. The pencil had simply disappeared.

Taking his colour pencil set and colouring book in his hand, he ran to his mother.

Rita on seeing him running so fast, took him in her arms and said-“What happened dear?”-

Mathew-“Ma,my colour pencil fell on the bench and I can’t find it anymore.”

Rita took his hand in her hand and went to the bench.

She asked him-“Which colour pencil did you lose?”

Him-“Yellow colour pencil Ma”.

The bench too was yellow in colour and the painting on it was done recently.

His mother searched here and there for the pencil, but she too couldn’t find it.She had searched for it everywhere.Aside,below and above, but couldn’t find it.

Msthew-” Ma, the pencil fell on the bench”.

She couldn’t see an inch of that pencil on the bench.

Then a brilliant idea came to her.She switched on the torch light of her mobile phone and checked every minute long gap in the bench.The bench was old fashioned and it had long minute gaps in it.

At last her torch light shown upon the pencil which was hidden due to being yellow in colour.

When she gave him back the pencil, the joy on Mathew’s face was priceless.He danced up and down with joy and gave his mother a big kiss.

Rita too gave him a big kiss and they both enjoyed their picnic and went home back happily.



Yawning Like A Madman.

Yawling like a mad man,

His day begun.

He went on yawning and still continued his work.

Yawning like a mad man,

He had his food.

But his yawns didn’t stop.

Yawning like a mad man,

He kept on gulping air after air,

Yet his yawns didn’t stop.

Yawning like a mad man,

He went infront of his boss,

Who gave him the day off.

Yawning like a mad man,

He went back home,

And yawned infront of his wife four times.

But when his little son kissed him,

All his yawns went flying out the door.

He took his son in his arms,

And gave him many kisses.

All was well and he played with his son,

He wrote an email to his boss apologizing for his odd behaviour.

And that’s all.