Just As An Angel.

baby in white and red floral pajama

Just as an angel,

Be happy,

Be working with grace and love.

Just as an angel,

Fly with your wings spreaded,

Fly to a far away destination,

In your quest,

In the search for your ultimate goal.



A Generous Man.

A generous man,

Had a business which wasn’t doing so well.

He started two new endeavours and they did subtely well.

He would donate to schools, charities, missions and to few private groups.

But his contributions came down due to less profitable business in the recent times.

Yet, to give his maximum he started donating from his own income.

This surprised the organizations which used to receive contributions from him.

Till now his business hasn’t recovered much,

Yet he continues his endeavours.

This spirit of his has earned him the title of being a true generous man, but he continues to be humble and hopes to do more for the society.



Fool And Honest Fool.

Who is a fool?

A fool is a person who makes silly mistakes most of the times. He or she may not be in sync with on the spot thinking abilities.

The inability to carry out any work properly with the special attributes of making mistakes while trying to carry out the work is what makes a person a fool.

An honest fool is the person who is honest and has become a fool due to some reason.

Anybody who is a fool is an innocent person.

A person who makes the same mistake twice or thrice but can’t make the judgement that he or she has again made the mistake, is the best person in your life.

A person who pretends to be a fool and makes false actings of mistakes is a cunning and scheming person.Beware of such folks.

Nobody remains a fool for his or her entire life.Fools are generally decided upon by destiny.



Be The First.

Be the first,

To anew the moment.

To be in it,

To buy a pair of eclairs.

Be the first,

To have a cup of coffee early in the morning,

To watch the sunrise and

Be the first,

To admire its glory while it sets.

Be the first,

To munch a donut,

To take a nap,

To see the country win the matches.

Be the first,

But be careful that you don’t leave the humanity behind.