A Quick Glance.

A quick glance,

And the rose was green.

A quick glance,

And the rose was red.

A quick glance.

And the rose was yellow.

A quick glance,

And the rose was blue.

What was happening?

Ah! A boy was playing hide and seek with them,

And each time I looked,

They were being hidden by him,

Leaving a single rose behind.

At last he called out,

“Blue, green, red, yellow”.



A Paragraph.

A paragraph,

States a person’s emotions.

A paragraph quotes the truth in many words.

A paragraph,

Brings out the writer’s mind,

A paragraph,

Follows the ledger of the heart,

Sings the song deep inside.

A paragraph,

Can be made beautiful,

With wisdom and grace.

A paragraph,

Can say a lot of things,

As it is the gateway to a writer’s paradise.



It Is Not Bad To Float In One’s Own Vessel.

It is not bad to float in one’s own vessel.

The river is all flowing.

The river is furious,

It is gentle,

It is calm,

Yet sometimes endangering.

The vessel shouldn’t fall into the precipice.

Yet the vessel of mind more than often does.

It is not bad to float in one’s own vessel,

To roam about free,

In the world of happiness and bright sunshine,

Without any thought.

Never mind,

I am floating in my own vessel.



I Heard You When I Was Sleeping.

I heard you when I was sleeping,

You came from the light,

Deep into my thoughts,

And played with me for a while.

I heard you when I was sleeping,

The rose blossomed,

The lily smiled.

The cuckoo cooed,

And suddenly a sound started going around my head,


I tried to dodge it,

But couldn’t.

For it would come back again and again.

Atlast I opened my eyes,

It was early in the morning,

And it was my alarm clock which was ringing.

I heard you when I was sleeping.