Frostful Nights And Eh…….Mornings Too.

white feathers illustration

At a night in winter time,

In a big city, frost was playing spoilsport all along the nights.

Many families wanting to make preparation for the upcoming Christmas eve were left rummaging their minds,

That how the hell, could they prepare for Christmas if frost occurs everytime!

They prayed hard to Jesus for help,

But Lord couldn’t do anything.

Everyone felt helpless.

The mornings too were frosty,

But despite the frost, people somehow managed to go to work.

And when they came home,

Frost would not only affect their body, but their minds.

Their physical and mental afflictions would be frozen as tightly as molecules in a solid particle.

Well, at last all the prayers to Jesus came through and just before Christmas eve,

Frost stopped occuring,

And it was indeed a Merry Christmas for all.

But the new year was much more frostier.


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