It Was Overburdened But Not Destiny.

The shipwrecked.

The ship was of medium built,

Destined for a city which was beginning to get recognization,

And in greed,

Of the people to go aboard and of the ship company to make big profits,

Lead to this disaster.

After crossing a nearby port,

The ship started showing signs of being weighed down.

It was nearly four hundred metres away from its destination,

When it wrecked in three parts,

And the mast was knocked off.

It felt as if somebody had torn it.

Despite all the odds,

Help came in fast.

Atlast, everyone was secure and safe,

The captain of the ship was awarded and honoured for his bravery.

The shipping company were on the verge of tears.

And the people reminisced about this incident for years.

And that’s all that happened.


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