In The Jungle.

In the jungle,

A pig and a donkey were friends.

In the jungle,

The lion didn’t roar,

He only said “hi”!

In the jungle,

The elephant danced,

To the tunes of the jazz music.

He was rather odd,but an extremely good chap.

The parakeets Zinc, Tink, Fiery and Lion used to roam about the jungle,

Here and there,

Often smelling and searching for red and juicy mangoes.

In the jungle,

No one would think,

That the turtle 🐢,

Could sing a song for the pop industry,

But inside the shell of his,

He had a big studio,

Looking about everything,

Jungle’s not a bad place to live only,

It isn’t for human inhabitation,

And that’s why the animals are happy.


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