Colourful Rains.

Do you know I see colourful rains?

This morning I saw yellow rain pouring everywhere.

Definitely the sun must have scolded it,

As the clouds have covered the sun.

The sky blue rain,

With a gush of wind,

When called me to the window,

A red bus was passing by on the road,

And the sparrows were on my window still,

Chirrping for bread.

I was happy and clapping my hands.

Mother said what is there to clap?

I could not take my dry clothes in for this rain.

Nobody believes me and then they say it is bullshit.

Then came the green rain.

I thought to collect it and to use it in my colour book.

That is rain.

That is my sweet rain.

Nobody believes, but I know it will come in different colours,

Wish that you can also see the colourful rains and write a letter to me.

It helps in solving the sums.

It helps me to jump at the window.

It helps to sing and dance and

I love to get wet in the rain.

I comeback home colourful.

But nobody believes me.


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