A Parrot And A Handkerchief.

A parrot, who used to stay,

Far away in the wild isles,

Found a handkerchief,

With the letter “Z” embroidered on it.

It had seen a few people with handkerchiefs,

But was unable to make most of it.

So, the parrot decided to lay its nest upon it.

It stretched out the hanky,

And made an extremely beautiful nest,

Which was in the deep wilds.

The parrot was the queen of the parrots,

And the friend of Fiery,

Who is an royal officer of the king of birds.

So, no one dared to touch her nest.

Now, four baby parrots,

Are poking their heads out,

In amazement with which they,

Are revering their new world.


1 thought on “A Parrot And A Handkerchief.”

  1. Oh! It was my handkerchief.It was lost, my mother made the Z for me.She used to call me Zimpy.I am very happy, that the parrot and it’s family are using it.😉

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