Magical Thorn Bushes And The Fairy World.

Magical Thorn Bushes And The Fairy World.

To be unseen was the motto of the mission, which Jasmine and her team had undertaken. But she had lost her helmet, her shield and her wand.

The only thing she could do was wait for Daniel. Well, it was night time before Daniel could come and help her, for Daniel was himself lost in the faraway lands.

Daniel was Jasmine’s brother.

It took Tino ages before she could find him out. Once Tino did so, they both set out to find Jasmine.

The mission was as follows:-

Jasmine had to find out that who had planted the thorn bushes in the fairy garden leading to a mass growth of it.

They were magical thorn bushes and had multiplied overnight. Millions and millions of fairy plants were damaged. Some of them had to be taken to the fairy plant hospital, where they were recuperating.

The culprit had also planted the thorn bushes outside the doors of the houses of the fairy people, leading to them getting injured as soon as they stepped out of their houses.

The fairy queen was furious. She couldn’t use her magic to find out who had caused so much harm to the fairy folk, for her magic was weakened due to it being overused to heal so many of her own fairies ,fairy folk and plants.

Jasmine had been sent by the fairy queen to find out the culprit.

Jasmine had followed the trail where the intruder’s scent had led her to. It turned out to be from the land of ghosts. Not normal ghosts. Neither they were good nor bad. They were worst. They emitted only darkness.

It was the land of the untold mysteries where everything was gobbled up as soon as they came to know about it.

In the underbellies of all the worlds, it was known as the land of scared beings.

In the darkness of this land, Jasmine and her team had found their way to the dungeons where the thorn bush grew. Their main motive was to find out any anti dote to the thorn bush magic.

The thorn bushes themselves can’t grow over night. They need a lot of energy.

At that time Jasmine was not aware that all her team members were missing. Soon she called out for help, but her walkie-talkie was not working.

Jasmine’s magic was reduced to nearly half when at last she spoke the “emergency magic words” and called out to Daniel and Tino. Her helmet, shield and her magic wand were all missing. What ever was happening was unnatural and yet she stood her ground like a true honorary badge seargent.

Daniel himself was lost in the faraway lands and was about to seek help, as his magic was weakened by the attack on the fairy world.

But Tino was not affected by the thorn bush magic. As soon as she received Jasmine’s message, she flew over to the unknown faraway lands and rescued Daniel and buckled him up.

They flew to the land of the scared beings and rescued Jasmine.

While they were flying back to the land of fairies, a seed of the magic thorn bush was caught by Tino and she kept it in her pocket.

After they landed on the fairy world, Daniel and Jasmine went to their homes, to rest, while Tino went straight to the fairy queen and showed her the magic seed.

Seeing it, the fairy queen’s eyes grew red. Many years back she had punished a demon called “Agropanto”, who had held few fairy hostages.

“Agropanto” was not a fearful demon, but he could cause a lot of damage, especially with his skills and lies and unknown violent mischiefs. This magic seed had his trademark on it.

Few days went by, when one morning the fairy queen left the fairy land without informing anyone. It took everybody few hours before they could actually realize that the fairy queen was missing.

She had left a note saying-“I would be back. Don’t worry.”

Each and everyone kept their cool for a whole day, but when she didn’t return for more than three days, that is when the panic started spreading.

But on the fourth day morning, like a bright ray of sunshine the fairy queen returned and with her was the Sun God Himself.

When they landed, all cheer returned to the fairy world and everyone and everything was bright and cheerful again.

The Sun God told everyone that their fairy queen had bravely fought Agropanto and with his help she had vanquished him.

All the fairy world cheered. Within a week everything was beautiful again. All fairy folk and plants were cured. Daniel and Jasmine got well. Jasmine’s team was rescued and Jasmine received a big and bright ruby while Tino was awarded few special powers as well as unlimited supplies of cakes for a whole year. Daniel got a powerful wand as his prize. All fairy folk were awarded special powers for standing brave and together in the time of darkness.

The fairy world rejoiced as Sun God was with them for the whole month and he had made motichur ladoos (an Indian delicacy) rain over the whole of fairy land. The fairy folk simply couldn’t stop savouring the delicious motichur ladoos.

All’s well that ends well.


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