A Child And His Friend "The Writer", Poetry

A Child And His Friend “The Writer”.

A love story without love,

Caused much humour,

Evoked few emotions.

A love story without love,

Is and was the inner wealth,

Of the writer.

Who didn’t feel love anywhere.

He was advised by his audience that love is,

And will be.

A new born child is a prominent example.

Well the writer was thick headed,

And didn’t find any love anywhere.

But unknowingly a little child installed the software of “love”,

Inside him.

Their story follows:-

The child was of eight years age and the only son of a music arranger who used to work.

One day while the writer was doing some work back stage, due to being on an empty stomach since the morning, he had fainted. There was nobody around, as an act was going on. The boy was looking here and there when he noticed the writer fainting. He tried waking him up once or twice but to no avail. Little did he waste any time and he called out to his father to come over urgently. They had to take the writer to the doctor, who said there was nothing to worry. The man who wasn’t head over heels in love with anything, fell in love with his writing and he became much better writer.

He grew up to be much better person, writer and the little boy who had that day saved his life, remained his friend forever. He followed his father’s footsteps, but he got fame and became a famous music composer.

The last two lines is the future written in the present.


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