Admiration For An Admirer., Poetry

Admiration For An Admirer.

An admirer who would,

Admire the painter’s work,

Was seldom seen.

He was unknown,

Thought off,

Yet he couldn’t be found.

The painter became a large master in his dimension,

And discovered many good things,

But he felt that he was missing something.

It was the admirer who had admired.

One day,

When he woke up,

He saw his admirer standing in front of him,

And it was none other than his own self,

Which he had lost a long time back,

Never to be found within.

The admirer and the admired,

Merged into one,

And that holy morning,

The painter was never again seen.

Only his work remained.


2 thoughts on “Admiration For An Admirer.”

  1. Just read the poetry u penned yesterday. It provides a delightful reading and encourages to ponder about many of one’s inner thoughts. Refreshing One
    Keep Writing

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