A Lover’s Chivalry.

A cuckoo coos in my mind,

That I must go for a movie.

The tickets are available.

Movie means popcorn,

Movie means sandwich,

Movie means three hours alone.

Movie means ice cream and its beautiful crucnchy cone.

Movie means action, dance and songs.

Movie means a story with emotion,

The good wins at the end and leaves a mark on your mind.

Now my movie was based on a sailor’s life.

Just the cruise has landed.

He could see his family,

But still he felt that he was reeling on the waves.

Everybody came to meet him,

His fiancé is waiting for him.

Two old sailors came and told him about the debt he had and asked the money.

He paid then and there.

But they never cared, asked for more and more, asked for wine and asked for any job in the cruise.

Some little quarrel, some tension over there.

His fiancé was scared.

He told his fiancé, that money is not enough.

All money he had spent for his debt.

He spent a few days at home,

Some more work and then some cons were after him.

He fought nicely.

Got married in the church and took the bride back in the cruise,

Happy and sad both are life.

Anyhow, I ate the popcorn and a thought came “Where is my bride?”

If a situation comes, I will not mind for a fight.

I will eat peanuts and on a horseback, I will go for a ride.

We will gallop and gallop.

The road will not end, till we reach the hills and rivers,

And we could settle in the new home we make.

Long trees, squirrel and sparrows.

Fruits and berries, soups and salads and grilled chicken.

That movie made my day.


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