A Field Of Wonder.

A field of wonder,

Blew my mind,

I found my friends,

Who were fairies, legends,

And magic folk.

But wonder of the wonders was,

A man who was a common man,

And had been with fairy folk,

For centuries.

He had helped build them a big fortress,

Which was magnificent and large.

And this earned him a respect which would be his forever and forever.

A field of wonder,

It was indeed,

For there grew magical strawberries, lemons, and peanuts.

If you would open them up, they would go pop.

If you said to them-“Dear strawberry please open up, then the strawberry would cut itself into seven pieces and present itself before you.”

If you would say to a peanut-“Please, sir peanut, give us few peanuts, then four nuts would come out of the peanut and go straight into your mouth.”

If you squeezed a lemon, then the lemon would squeeze all of its juice into your eyes. But a song would calm it down and all of its juice would go into the glass.”

So, tell me, isn’t it a field of wonder.

For a human it is a field, but for a magic being it’s an unimaginably vast land.


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