I Have Burnt My Desires.

I have burnt my desires.

The desire to have good food.

The desire to walk in the fresh morning sun.

The desire to learn.

The desire to earn.

The desire to wake up.

The desire to sleep.

The desire to roam about,

Like a free bird,

Which always stays high.

Which always stays high.

The desire to be free of all blemishes which aren’t mine,

Yet told to be.

I have burnt my desires.

My desire to say I am the king,

Let it be so,

As I have obeyed all the nonsense,

I have obeyed the commands from all wrong powerful people.

And have obeyed everyone’s nonsense demands.

The only desire I have kept in me, that is when you will come nigh.

The desire to see Baba,

I have kept alive.

To be with him eternally,

Is the desire,

Which is left to be mine.


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