A Fun Day.

What is a fun day? Is it a day when you have lots and lots of fun?

It is both yes and no as fun is limited to your imagination. For me, fun means having a bowl full of caramel-salted popcorn.

Fun means to dance to your favourite tunes.

Fun means to be happy.

Happy and happiness comes from mind.

You may have all the goodies and things available in the world, but if you are mentally not happy, then fun will and shall elude you.

A fun day, is an ideal day where you can sleep till the afternoon sun shines upon your face and wakes you up.

A day when you can play with balloons with your kids without worrying about your office.

A day where your whole family is happy.

It may be a day for playing cricket.

A day for dancing.

A day for doing anything that you wish.

All these sorts of days entail the meaning of having a fun day.

Simply remember that fun is a blessing which many don’t have in their lives.

Be happy and have lots and lots of fun.


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