The Mounted Horse.

The mounted horse, went around the stable, with its head held high up. It would look to the sun and say-“My name is Dingy and one day I will win the world.” 

He would exercise in the sun for forty minutes everyday, and his trainer whose named Mr. Ting,made sure that his nutrition and exercise never lagged behind.

One day, a big princess came near the farm and saw Dingy taking a walk in the field.

She decided to buy him then and there. Dingy was ecstatic to hear that a princess had bought him. He had always dreamed of living in a palace, but was sad that he had to leave Mr. Ting behind.

When he was being taken away to the palace, he saw Mr. Ting getting into a car.

For Dingy, a big stable with lots and lots of hay, had been made. He was comfortable in there.

The next morning, he came out of the stable only to find out that no one was there on the field. Not a single man was visible. He started walking alone, looking out for somebody.

He came to a point on the field, and looked upto the sun wondering what was in store for his future and as the glare of the sunlight was too much for him to take in, he lowered his head and after sometime when he looked up, he was very surprised. He saw Mr.Ting holding a saddle in his hands and smiling at him.

Dingy couldn’t believe his eyes. He went ahead and nuzzled Mr. Ting.

Mr. Ting said-“Well, young chap, what did you think that you were going to come to the royal palce, well the princess has hired me too, as your caretaker and trainer.

Dingy nuzzled him more and signalled him to get onto his back, and he galloped in great strides all around the field and kept on making the sound “Hee-Haw, hee-haw.”

Seeing his antics, Mr. Ting laughed a lot, and promised him many nuts and fruits and what not.


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