Experiencing Happiness.

Experiencing happiness is like living in that bubble, which sustains one’s self. Happiness doesn’t come from money. Money is definitely a required source for happiness, but it can’t buy happiness. For money needs to be spent and to be refurbished and to be earned again. But a happiness which has been got remains permanently with you.
For example:- In your higher secondary examinations, you have scored brilliantly. This achievement of yours and the happiness surrounding it will remain with you forever. Even if you fail in life, when and as you reminisce back to those good golden days, you will think that-“Ah! Those were the days.”

I will give you another example. You have newly become a father of a chubby little child. Now when your child bursts out laughing, the spontaneous happiness you get is yours forever and ever.

Experiencing happiness, isn’t intoxication. It is that permanent moment which shall be with you and be yours forever and ever.


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