The Sun Over The Horizon.

The sun over the horizon,

Is saying hi!

“How are you my son?

How’s your day going?

The sun over the horizon,

Is a blessed one,

For a he takes a look,

And knows everything.

Lord Sun says-“Never worry, it’s all an illusion.

And I am always with you”.

I replied to him-“But sir what about the moon?”

Lord Sun smiled jubilantly-

“Ah! The moon.

It doesn’t know a damn thing.

I am there, don’t you worry,

Keep on doing your job and be very happy.”

“I-And you sir?

Oh! I am the sun,

But you my friend,

Are the one whom I have seen,

From the horizon far, afar.

I have seen you growing up,

I have seen you achieve all good things.

So, I am ever present.

But now the moon is pestering me,

For it’s his turn,

And the moon wants two burgers and four pastries,

As a reward,

For letting me have some extra time.

What a nonsense.

I will see you tomorrow morning,


I am the sun,

And I am having a sweet bun”.


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