Father And Son, In The Rain.

It has been raining continuously for three days. The rain had stopped in the morning for few hours,

but the skies looked angry. It seemed as if the clouds would burst out any moment.

Palpitations among people were visible early in the morning. Those who had gone to their offices, were ditching their bosses and returning home as fast as possible without even stepping in the periphery of their offices.

I was simply looking at the situation from a viewer’s perspective and found that the situation was not normal for anyone and the rain was truly the king making everyone think of their cosy homes.

Amongst those who were in the spate of returning fast home, I saw a young father carrying his son and he was walking rapidly, and the traffic couldn’t disturb him. He walked in a fast, steady pace.

They too seemed to be in a hurry to go back home.

The way the father had taken up his son in his lap astonished me for the son was aged about six-seven years of age, and maybe the son was tired, so his father was carrying him. It unusual for a parent to carry their children when they have crossed the age of three or four, and the distance he already walked wasn’t less either. The road’s other end was at a far off end.

Rain brings so many memories, so much happiness, so much glee, but it also brings out human nature, which is of love, care and bond.


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