The King’s Crown.

There was once a king of a big country, which still believed in Monarchy. The crown was a magnificent one. It had rubies, gems and diamonds.

All was going on finem, until one morning when the King complained that he felt that the crown was too heavy for his head to his Chief Secretary.

The chief secretary replied-“That may be your majesty is having a headache”.

The king kept quiet, knowing that his woes won’t be heard by anyone until it snowballed into something huge.

Nearly after five days, the King on a private visit to the doctor, informed him of the headache, which he had been having for the past few days.

The doctor-“Your majesty does the headache remain  throughout the day? “

The king thought for a while and then replied-“No, doc the pain goes away in the night, especially around the time when I go to my residence just after finishing my royal duties.”

The doctor-“Does the pain remain when you go to sleep or while you are asleep your majesty?”

The king-“No, at that time it completely vanishes. It only comes back in the morning and remains with me throughout the day till evening.”

The doctor thought for a while and said-“Your majesty, it’s nothing. Your crown is causing all the pain. As you wear it all around the day, it becomes too much for your head to carry its weight and you suffer from headaches.”

The King-“Oh! Even I thought so.”

The doctor-“I would advice your lordship to either change your crown or to stop wearing it.”

The king got enraged upon hearing this.

The King-“Are you mad doctor? Don’t forget that this crown is the royal symbol of this great nation. If I stop wearing this crown while executing my duties, then it would be equivalent to this nation not having a monarch.”

The doctor-“I am sorry your lordship, I didn’t mean to cause any disrespect. I would inform the Queen about all this.”

The King-“You shan’t do anything of this sort. It’s an order”.

The doctor-“I am sorry your majesty, I can’t keep it a secret from her majesty the queen for she too has a governing role in this great nation and in matters which persist with your health, it is my ethical and moral duty to inform her.”

The king kept quiet hearing this. He had expected this sort of thing from the fat bellied doctor.

The doctor bowed and took his leave and soon the drama began.

As soon as the queen was informed that the King’s headache was due to his crown. The queen started consulting with scholars, scientists and other big people, to find out a way to help the king.

Just as the king had expected, scores and scores of scientists, doctors and other people of the society started disturbing his office, to be able to have a meeting with him.

He nearly refused all. His headaches kept on increasing. On some days he would take medicines and on some days, he would blatantly refuse them.

Finally, a team of top seven scientists from all across the world came on a fully paid visit to his castle.

They had already found a way to help the king. But the king refused to meet them.

The queen had to persuade him a lot. At last he agreed.

The scientists came and the king looked like a child who had been asked to double or triple homework.

The king came and sat on his chair. The scientists too sat down at their designated places.

The head scientist began-“Your majesty we have studied your crown in detail.”

The King raised his eyebrows-“What do you mean you have studied my crown in detail?”

The scientist-“Sir, its design and a complete 3D diagram was sent by your chief secretary”.

The King mentally thought that he was going to chew his chief secretary out after this absurd team of scientists left.

The scientist continued-“After a lot of deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that the gold in the crown must be replaced with light weight golden bands and the diamonds, rubies and gems must be replaced with replicas, so that the weight of your crown gets reduced.”

The King-“To give this nonsense idea, has this great nation called upon you all?”

The scientist-“No, your majesty. We are sorry if we have offended you.”

The King-“Where do you all come into this?”

The scientist-“Majesty, our specialty would be that, your new crown would look exactly like your  current one, it would extremely light on your head and people won’t know the difference.”

The king upon hearing all this, felt like a buyer in a spectacle showroom.

The King-“My crown is my pride. I can’t change it even if my head breaks.”

The scientist-“But sir, your headaches won’t go away.”

The King-“Don’t batsmen wear helmets all day along? Especially in the test series? Aren’t they able to score singles, doubles, fours and sixes while wearing it? Isn’t it heavy on their heads?”

The scientist-“But sir, they play cricket and score runs and it’s their duty.”

The King-“In the same way, when I take decisions, I too score a single, sometimes a double. Sometimes even boundaries and when the situation turns grave, I do score a six. I too do my duty.”

The scientists understood that the King wouldn’t budge and would remain adamant on his request

They tried to convince him, but the king remained quiet and that signaled the end of discussion.

The scientists returned empty handed to their respective nations. All of them had thought that they would be able to get lucrative jobs in that country after helping the king, but they weren’t given a single damn award.

The Queen to gave up on convincing the King to listen to the advice of the scientists and the King continued doing his duties while very proudly and grandly wearing his crown.

Soon, his headaches too stopped, and everything was well again.


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