When I Saw You Small.

When I saw you small,

Your mother was holding you in her arms.

You were so small that I couldn’t believe,

That my own child,

Has a different personality?

Your face was thoughtful.

No hair,

No eyelashes,

No eyebrows.

Your lips were reddish pink,

To say that “I am from a flower,

I am hidden in your soul,

I am hidden in mom’s soul.

Little time of somedays you give me,

I will play with you along.

I will make you sing.

I will make you dance.

You will be ecstatic,

But you will not have any chance.

And you will not have any time,

Sitting morose,

After the office,

You won’t be watching on TV,
Without watching me.

Then I will stand on my feet,

Start walking,

And you will be fathering me”.

Your mother gave you in my arms,

I felt so proud that I am your father.

And a father is a king.

He has so much to do.

It’s not like a farmer,

That the harvest he will cut.

It’s not like a boss,

Who shall make you run.

It’s not like a doctor,

Who will treat you and say “don’t cough”.

I am a father,

Almost I am a creator?

I am a father.

Now I watch.

Your fingers are like your mom.

Your small head reflects my pop.

Your ears are like my mother.

Oh! My Child,

When you will grow up,

You are all mine,

And I am your father.


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