Thick Head Francesco.

Francesco has a thick head. He used to walk every day to a town nearly eight kilometres away to buy tomatoes, for they were eighteen pesos cheaper there. He would eat about twenty five tomatoes per day and his teeth and shirt would always be stained with tomato extracts.

He had a small piece of land and there only coriander used to grow.

Soon, Francesco decided to buy a farm ranch and took a loan of sixteen lakh Pesos. He had mortgaged his ancestral land.

He used to live alone and had a big dog named Tusk with him. Tusk was a big dog and he used to drink two litres of milk everyday.

An old man had decided to sell his ranch, so he had put an advertisement in the newspaper. Francesco liked it bought that ranch for three lakh Pesos.

The rest of the money he had not yet used.

The farm ranch which he had bought was named “Ant’s House”, as that old man had been an ant lover. It sounds weird but it is true.

“Ant’s House” had two horses, eight cows, seven buffaloes, three bulls, eight pigs and twenty hens in it.

There was a mid-aged ranch keeper, who charged Twenty thousand Pesos per month and a delivery boy who used to sell the milk and eggs daily at the market. His salary was sixteen thousand Pesos.

Francesco thought that the salary of the ranch boy and the delivery boy was unnecessary, yet he didn’t remove them, for he didn’t know a single thing about ranches or of its animals.

Francesco’s little sister, who used to live four villages away, once came for two days’ vacation to his house. He then told her about his ranch and she was delighted. She used to breed animals and look after them, at her husband’s farm, which had been sold recently.

She said-“”Oh! Francesco, my elder brother, can I come regularly and look after your ranch?”

Francesco-“Ofcourse you can. I shall pay you twenty thousand Pesos. I can’t tend to it much, for I hardly know a thing or two about it. I had even bought a book called “How To Look After Animals.”

“Yet I barely could anything.”

Latina- “From tomorrow, I shall do this very job. I shall finish my daily chores by eight and shall reach here by nine thirty am.”

Eight months had gone by. Latina used to tend “Anr’s House” with much care and…..

The “Ant’s House” is now known in the neighbouring twenty towns and villages. It is extremely famous for it’s cheap and high quality milk and eggs.

Today they have a booming business and many milk companies and egg sellers source their product from the Ant’s house and they have bought many animals too.

After all, Francesco didn’t turn out to be much of a thick head.


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