The Beard.

The Beard.

The Beard,

Is an intellectual property.

To each man,

It’s his creation and design.

It’s his identity,

And his uniqueness.

The beard,

Gives out a whole lot of machoism,

But I will let you on a huge secret.

Most men don’t like moustaches.

It’s a burden.

But no one like to be called a baby boy.

In truth that’s what each and every man is.

The beard needs to be trimmed, managed and looked after,

And if there is a change in its style or design,

Then it brings out a lot of questions in others minds.

The beard,

Is much of a nuisance than being of any help.

The beard,

Is not anything of which one can be proud of.

Rather it is the by-products of the hormones.

It is better to be cartoon,

Than being a man with a bunch of beard hair,

Which is tiresome,

Needs to be cropped,

The sooner you trim it off,

The lesser it will be known.


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