My Song For Your Roses.

My song for your roses,

Can’t be heard.

It’s silent.

It’s deep.

It’s simply unheard.

The sound plays like the pearls of music,

Which when properly placed,

Says a lot,

And they do play percussion to your thoughts.

My song for your roses,

Is divine,

Is beloved,

It’s as soft as a baby’s cloth.

It’s as silky,

As the purest silk.

It’s as fragrant,

As your beautiful rose.

Let my song fill your heart,

For it’s my song for your roses,

Which is with and forever,

A beautiful form of art.

My song for your roses,

Can’t be made in a jiffy.

For it requires a lot of thought.

It’s love and only love,

Which shall make the rose of your heart blossom,

With the shine of more than thousand roses.

For my song for your roses,

Shall definitely touch your heart, mind and soul.


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