Practice is an art which most don’t exercise regularly. It is generally associated with good habits,discipline and is a way to learn or master any art.

It has been said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. It’s a well-known proverb.

But very few really practice it. Practice goes with whim.

Those who are in body building go regularly to gyms and there they practice their exercises on a daily basis.

This they do because their mind cannot believe that it is out of shape even for a day.

The exercises which they perform in the gym is the bread and butter for their soul.

Practice is what makes a musician perfect in his art.

You will often find musicians practicing their tunes on a harmonium or piano hours after hours.

Till they master their music. But even after that one can find them practicing vigorously so that they excel in it.

Practice is such a passion, that it makes a person forget his or her world. It makes time flow away as quickly as sand flows away from hand.

While playing games on mobiles, teenagers often forget that something as time exists.

They would go on and on playing till they reach the zenith of it or are stopped by their parents.

Unknowingly they practice so much in that game, they can challenge their friends for a competition.

Practice is a very healthy habit, provided one’s screws remain in one place. If they become dislodged then, whether you practice or don’t, it won’t matter.

Practice, practice and practice.


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