A Chef And His Master Sea Food Dish.

At a restaurant I met a chef,who specialized in sea food preparations.

He said-“I love lobsters, and I want to be a master chef in lobster dishes.

I wished him all the best, he appreciated it.

He smiled and said- “May I present you with my signature lobster dish?”

We replied-“Yes sir, please do.” He immediately went inside the kitchen and after thirty minutes,

While we were having our dinner, he brought a bowl full of shimmering lobsters, made in beautiful south east Asian curry.

We tasted the curry. It was tangilicious. It was delicious and superb.  The taste simply reverberated in our mouths. I don’t remember a single time, when we had lobsters with such gusto.

The chef had done something unique and special with it.

I asked him-“How did you make this preparation? It’s simply wonderful.”

The chef smiled like a happy chef and said-“That’s a secret.”

To this date I haven’t forgotten it’s taste.

The chef is a now master chef.


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