The Diagnosis.

The diagnosis is such a tool which often disturb than tell a way to heal.

Oh! You have this. Fifteen days of medicine and twenty days of bed rest.

That’s it.

You- “And doctor your fees?”

The doctor-“Just a measely three thousand rupees.”

Measely? Three thousand rupees to earn is as good as churning your inside out and doing cartwheels for half of the day.

But those who have money aren’t bothered much, but those who are hard working folks, they have to forego a day or two’s earning for the measely three thousand rupees.

Diagnosis was much better in the olden days.Doctors used to act as doctors and they would diagnose a patient simply checking the nerves.

But now OMG! It feels as if the diagnosis is the main reason for going to the doctors.

You get diagnosed and leave the rest on God.

If you don’t like your doctor, then you change your doc.But when you will be cured, your guardian angels even don’t know. When you get alright , give a thanks to God Almighty, for making you safely cross the journey from diagnosis to healing.

Happy diagnosis.


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