Have you gained?

I don’t mean weight.Have you ever gained in life?

Most haven’t.

Materialistically most have, but truly very few have gained anything worth gaining. Most have simply gained bubbles of luxury which wouldn’t remain forever.

Like a blowing wind, most get flown away.

What’s there in life? Only money and all nonsense are the most common thoughts.

Love, honesty, truth, happiness all look good on paper and they all go away with the nodding of the heads.

Gain or no gain are just phases or rather paraphrasing the structure of life.

High number people take God to be a value of nothing. But when time comes, he is the one who is most remembered and called like anything.

Many writings, words are already there on this topic.

But what’s the use of them if you can’t change your life?

Gain which is actual or true can only be gained by hard work and true knowledge.

Any deviation or tricks often make a person fall down and down till ,he either rises up or completely goes down.

So, do gain but be sure to have few things in your bucket which are worthwhile of being gained.


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