A Walk In A Park.

A walk in a park.

Is a longing which many have just before the dusk.

To walk means to be happy.

To be happy,

Means to be prosperous.

A walk in a park,

Isn’t a matter of joke.

Many simply fizzle out,

Just two days are doing it.

“Oh our legs are cramped.”

“Oh I can’t take it anymore.”

“The evenings are very hot now a days.”

This are the common excuses,

Which we all hear.

But the truth is,

A walk in the park,

Is done by many,

Loved by uncountable number of people,

But it is a dream for billions,

And we are one of those.

Maybe one day,

The doors of a beautiful park,

Will open up for us.

Do take a walk in the park,

And see how your day changes.


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