The Mighty Shore.

You have deposited sand as barrier between you and me.

It is the shore and your pull is continuously saying yes and no.

Not making it a tsunami.

You are the endpoint of landmass.

Till now, I was strong and walking,

On the road,

With a good grip.

Landed down on the sea shore,

Folded my trousers end,

And wanted to soak my feet in your water.

The sand loosened under my feet,

And I felt the earth moving.

Having you, made me feel strong.

The gone away sand came back,

And with that it brought shells and pieces of corals, conch and the sea gems.

A little far away my heavy sneakers are lying.

Calling me back to the road.

The game is ever increasing.

Between the upper crust and the sea rope.

I know we all are one.

The mankind, the mud and the sea, the metals, the gems,the snow, the mountain peak, the rivers, the ponds, the fishes and the plants.

The sun and the grass.

The moon and the waves pull.

Motor cars and buses and trams, small children, grown up and old men.

Ultimately all are in the sea,

Eons it will take,

To pray for the golden sea.


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