A Pistachio.

A pistachio was is in Jonathan’s pocket. He was completely unaware of it.

He had finished his homework and was now going to his friend Lily’s home. Soon a bird started following him. He ignored it. But the bird didn’t. It went after him till Lily’s house and settled on the roof.

When he came out the bird followed him till his own house.

Jonathan didn’t think much of it. The bird made a low sound -“tnew, tnew”.

Jonathan looked at it and jerked his head, as if asking it, that what did it want?

A Sparrow.

The bird sat quietly on the letter box.

Jonathan looked at it for a while and casually put his hands into his pockets and found a pistachio in it.

He brought it out and threw it to the bird..

The bird caught it in a swift motion and gobbled it up.

Jonathan went the front of his house and looked back. The bird had flown away.

He was very surprised. Before going to bed, he told his mother all about it and she asked him to not bother much about it.She kissed him and told him to sleep nicely in his snuggly and warm pillow and blanket.

The next morning they met again.


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