My Nest In Rain.

My nest is high up in the Banyan tree.

It’s raining here and I am completely wet,

And the gusty wind is blowing.

I am scared about my nest.

I could not give it much support.

Before that I had to lay eggs.

Chicks are also maybe scared.

Today, I picked two- three sticks for my nest.

But I couldn’t clutch it in the heavy storm.

I am sitting at your window sill.

You are looking at me.

Feeling bad,

You are thinking, maybe with a dry towel,

You soak my water and give me some relief.

But you know?

God is standing here to take me to my nest.

Only he is waiting for the drizzle to stop.

People are also running helter-skelter.

The evening and the dark cover is also coming down.

Neon lights are lit on the streets.

From your window, I can fly till the next building.

Then for some time in the air,

To the nearby garage which they had newly made.

There I might have to stay for sometime.

Next I will fly to my nest.

I will carry this biscuit and bread for the supper.

And I will feed my chicks with them.

The Lord will watch on us.

I and my family will go to rest.

Morning, I hope, I will get some time to collect fresh food for my children.

There are men, who drop a lot of food.

If the day is bright,

It is fine.


I will watch the rain from my nest.


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