The Train And Its Noise.

A train means constant journey, movement and nonstop incoming and outgoing of people.

In the olden days and even now, there are many trains which run completely full to the T. You can’t move an inch, a cm or even a millimetre. Even if you think that you have, you will find that you are exactly there where you were before. Not only small nations, but developed countries have this problem.

In such vociferous trains you would find hawkers, beggars and food sellers making a lot of noise.

The noise sometimes become so high that people sitting inside compartments achieve zen automatically. When there is such high volume of activities going on outside,your brain atunes itself to let all the sound pass away and this it does by ignoring everything else.But, if you ignore your destination, then you are surely going to make a round trip back to it.

Many hawkers shout-“Buy chocolate, torch light, books”

The passengers who pass by that hawker say-“Move aside man, let me go.”

This adds to more noise and chaos.

When the train stops at a station, the people hustling and bustling there also add few degrees of decibels to the noise.

Noise and train journey goes hand in hand.

A train and its journey is beautiful save that it must not be crowded.

It is general view which I have mentioned.

Train itself makes a lot of noise-“Cooo jhigg jhigg jhigg.”

And Vamos.


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