A mountain glorifies my mind,

But the steep slope which runs down it,

Scares the human kind.

So, they build a curvy mountain road,

Which passed through a scenic route,

Like a ballerina dancing across.

The spiral road,

Was smooth enough.

Yet, it was bumpy.

The mountain itself was splendid,

That was all awe.

Just like a rose,

Which inspires you,

Takes away your breath.

In the same way,

Did the mountain,

But in good faith.

The mountain trail ahead of us.

In its glory,

Where the Sun just sets.

Now we will reach home safely,

As the journey has come to an end.

We take a look back at the mountain,

And see it standing like a great soldier.

It was, it were and it will be.

Much same as my God the beloved.

Who always is, was and will be.


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