In Sleep And In Your Arms.

Give me my bottle of milk, Ma.

I want to sleep.

I want your cosy arms,

And I will go to deep rest.

There my friend Mitto,

Wants to play,

A hand in chess,

But I will go around in bushes,

To find my stones,

I left in Easters,

They are nine,

Different in colours,

They are round.

You will love them Ma,

Once I find them,

For this nest.

Mrs. Hini the teacher will scold me.

You will see my lips want to cry,

Soon I will smile,

As I see the big bright sky.

You will be happy seeing me smile.

I will start playing,

Once in your arms,

And once in my dream valley.

With a blink from morning sun,

I will get up,

I will see you,

And the hanging toy,

You will change my clothes,

And I will be your happy boy.


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