In This Gentle Breeze.

In this gentle breeze,

The little boy walked,

A duck swam in a lake.

It had its lunch,

And took rest for a while.

In this gentle breeze,

The three years old baby joined a pre-school and laughed at the teacher,

Before settling down to have his lunch at eleven,

And finished just before noon.

In this gentle breeze,

The dog walked before it’s master and kept his head high,

And he ate few bones.

In this gentle breeze,

The poetry rhymes happened,

Like a river flowing its course.

The lines got filled,

Just like a bread which is made into a toast.

In this gentle breeze,

Everyone smiled,

Nodded their heads and went off like important people out for their daily jobs.

In this gentle breeze,

We went for a walk and came back home.

This made us happy and blissful.

Thus, the breeze ended,

But the wind flowed on.


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