A Bird On A Twig.

A bird sitting on a twig,

Was having a swing.

It was its birthday,

And her mother had gifted it a ring.

Her friends had presented her with a basket full of mangoes,

Yet, she liked to swing her legs on that dry twig, as it was the best thing to do.

The bird was small and had turned two.

There was going to be a big celebration and the tree asked the tiny bird-“Can I sing for you?”

The bird-“Oh! Yes, definitely. Please do sing for me.”

The tree sang a beautiful song for the bird and the bird listened to it with all it’s heart.

After hearing the song, what the bird said to the tree is what melted the tree’s heart.

The bird said to the tree-“Can I ask for a present from you?”

The tree-“There are very few gifts which I can give.”

The small bird-“Can you teach me how to sing so beautifully?”

The tree-“I definitely can.But you would have to be a good student”.

The small bird-“I definitely shall be. “

From that day onwards, the small bird and tree became student and master and within a few months the bird learnt to sing songs in a better manner.


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