To Find It Yourself.

The road which one seeks, is known to the soul but not to the mind.We all travel a great distance in search for our mojo, for the thing or things which can keep us going,but are often deceived by false impressions and notions.

A painter seeks for recognition and appreciation of his paintings and goes from here to there in search of it. What befuddles him is that the recognition he seeks, isn’t to be got by showing his art work to various art collecters or to various galleries.The recognition can only come through his own self.He is the creator of his creations.What others can tell him, are the deficiencies in his art which they have perceived through their eyes.If they praise, then know it to be very false; for the next day they would act as if they don’t know you.

A seeker when seeking, often gets lost in the eternal mumbo jumbo of the world. What is to seek, when all that you seek is with and withinyou?

If it isn’t, then be very careful as to what are you seeking.Many times seekers get lost in the hyperbole of being achievers.

To find It yourself, doesn’t mean stopping all quests and taking up hermitage.Neither does it mean that to find you rake up the whole world in the quest for your search.

To find means to be a true seeker or a searcher.Seek only for that which can be sought, otherwise ninety nine percent of the time, a big pit to fall in is waiting for you.

Being centered and not losing hope, are the two main ways to find it yourself.

In this worldly jargon, it has become very difficult for all of us to find what is ours, leaving alone the fact that there are still few things which are there to be ours.

Lust and greed are the two main detractors which distract us, mislead us from our goal, from our journeys and from our destinations.


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