I am a novice.

But why do you care?

I am happy,

I am free.

I am a novice,

It’s all new,

And I am yet to begin my work spree.

I am a novice.

I am new at things.

But God loves me.

So, I am more than willing to learn,

All the good things which are needed to be known.

I am a novice,

I am new,

But my heart is old and grand.

But my friend,

If you stay true to me,

I shall be forever true to you.

If you break your pledge,

Then goodbye from me,

For I am a novice,

But you aren’t so.

I am a novice,

Don’t take me for a fool,

I may look simple,

But my thoughts are fresh, beautiful and anew.

I am a novice,

I know my work,

And what to do,

Just a few clinks,

Here and there,

And it’s jet, set and go.

I am a novice,

But with God’s grace,

I am not a toy for you.

I am a novice,

Let me be so,

For there is novelty in being a novice,

Than being a big fat dunk of nothing,

Who does nothing,

But sits on a chair,

And says-“Do this right away or I will fire you.”

I am a novice,

And I am happy to be so.


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