Of Any Importance.

Of Any Importance.

Is life of any importance?

It sure is.

Are thoughts of any importance?

Most of the times, they are not.

Is money of any importance?

Partly yes and partly no.

Is food of any Importance?

Very much yes!

For food sustains life, gives energy and nourishes us all.

Is travelling of any importance?

Travelling to nice places,

To a place where rich culture and heritage exists,

Is an experience which remains highly valuable.

Are jobs of any importance?

Materialistically yes and truly no;

For the one you serve,

Serves someone else.

It’s a never-ending cycle.

Are games of any importance?

Playing good games and in a healthy manner is very much of importance.

Is love of any importance?

Love is definitely important,

For it is the only thing which remains with you throughout your life;

But it must be true.

There are many things of importance and many things which are simply not worthy of any attention,

But being in your self, in your truth and in sync,

Shall take you far to that realm where your journey shall be laid ahead. Adios!

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