My Maternal Grandmother.

Today is 28th April 2019. Fifteen years back on this date, my maternal grandmother had passed away. She was and is everything to us. All the beauty, majesty, love, happiness and all good things resided and resides inside her.

She was and is my playmate. We used to play many games together and the games would be never ending.

The joy, the happiness, which we (Ma and me) have got from her, shared with her is what sustains us till this date.

My Nunnun is the brightest, most glowing and ever wonderful light in SaiBaba and Meher Baba’s Kingdom. There never will be anyone second to her.

Nunnun and me, we used to play cards. The best game was playing match the cards. It was a pretty much happy and fun game. Never was there a sore moment in the game.

The love which came from her was unbounded, infinite and it simply was and is.

Be happy always Nunnun and be there with us always.

Love,love ,love and love.

From Your Daughter, grandson and son-in-law.


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