A Camera Which Can Hardly Record.

There is a camera which my friend Joshua has.He is currently in Romania, touring the country for his office work.

When Joshua was small, his father had given him this camera.

In those days, electronic cameras were in the nascent stage.So, the camera could hold upto twenty pictures in its memory. The camera was used as much extensively as it could be.

For many years, it remained forgotten, but nearly a year back, Joshua found it in his bedroom and began playing with it.

He clicked a lot of pictures with it.The camera being an exquisite one, he clicked nearly a hundred pictures with it.When he tried to check them, he found that the first twenty pictures were only recorded.He got a bit disappointed.The pictures were of his house and not of anything special or of any trip or vacation.

Then he went to a nearby electronic store and bought a cover for the camera.

Few days back, he told me that when anything extraordinary such as an unknown bird flying or a beautifully arranged food dish comes infront of his eyes, he clicks its photo with that camera and then transfers the images to his laptop.

In Romania, he has clicked two pictures of two exquisite birds.

He plans to take not more than four pictures, as he would be busy in his work and would spend less time with his camera for the next few weeks.


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