The Trader Who Only Eats And Sleeps-Part 2.

Well, previously I had written a post on the trader who only eats and sleeps.

In the last sentence of the post, I had written that someother time I would write the reason , that why the trader was afraid of having his wife being taken away by her father.

What made him shiver to his core? He was very scared because, he had two sons aged nine and ten years . Who were highly notorious. If left alone for thirty minutes, they would wreck hell in their society. But, as much as they loved to pooh-pooh their father, they were highly and truly scared of their mother.

Under her watch they wouldn’t dare do a mischief, as she not only controlled them but handled them with perfection.

But if left in their dad’s care, they would make him dance upside – down and soon his wallet would be empty.

So, the moment he heard the threat from his father-in-law, of taking his wife back to her maternal- paternal home, then and there he decided to improve himself and from the next day remained awake by splashing water on his face in an interval of every half an hour and indeed he tried to eat less.

Seeing his efforts, his father-in-law rescinded his threat and he was safe from his two sons.


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