See Clearly.

See clearly the day.

See clearly the lights.

See clearly the stars,

Study astronomy.

Learn the names of the multitudinal constellations.

Memorize the designs.

See clearly the flowers,

With it, see clearly the androecium and gynaecium of each and every flower.

See clearly the various colours of a food item prepared.

See clearly the various countries.

Observe the different cultures.

Learn the tongue twisters,

And the language in which they are spoken.

Don’t leave anything behind.

See clearly the morning bliss.

Feel its soft warmth and invigorating light.

See clearly the games,

Which children play.

Learn the rules of baseball, basketball, kho- kho and kabaddi.

For they are alll fun games.

See clearly your exam results.

Be happy with them,

But know that they won’t matter in the future.

See clearly God in everything.

For he is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

See clearly your mother’s and father’s love,

For nothing in the world can supercede it.

See clearly yourself,

For what most of us see is just shadow of our truest self,

Which reports only to God Almighty.

He is the chief of all staffs,

The boss of all,

Yet he is the most loving father,

Whose love cannot be measured by anybody.

See clearly the truth, your strengths and weaknesses.

For nobody is what they think that they are or what they are supposed to be.

See clearly when you can’t see what needs to be seen.


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