Home Work (HW).

Home work is such a word which often brings fever to the minds of the students. It is a repetition of what you have learnt in the school. It is more of a deterrent than that of being helpful.

Deterrent in a way, that you can’t start playing as soon as you reach home as you need to complete your homework first. So many students put off doing their home works till late in the night and most of the time, they can’t complete it and are made to stand outside of their classrooms.Actually if seen from another point of view it is a double bonanza from them. No home work plus no class.

Essays and question and answers are the main constituents of homework. Essays if they are to be copied directly from the text book or from the essay book then well and good. Other wise, if they have to be written by ownself, with a lot of thought and information and that too with correctness (an essay is bound to be correct as it is compulsory) then you can kiss your afternoon and evening games goodbye.

When I was in tenth standard, my social studies teacher would insist on writing all the question and answers in a big notebook and writing all the answers would be mean copying the whole chapter from the text book twice or thrice. But there was a unique fun in doing so. It felt as if I was the creator of that lesson as by writing the chapter two to three times, the facts, the informations became a part of my daily life in the same way in which playing cricket was a part of my daily life.  

Home work has been a traditional part of schooling. Without home work being assigned, schooling remains incomplete. The years in which homeworks were given but not checked properly and seriously by my teachers were one of the dullest years of schooling in my life. Many teachers are lackadaisical in their approach to teaching. So the end result is that the students suffer the most even when home works are given on a regular basis.

A drawing given for homework often brings cheers to the face of students who love drawing and those who don’t like it are sorely disappinted. They make such a face that it seems they have been given bitter gourd for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Home work must be given as a method of self learning, as a form of making the students learn and revise what they have learnt in school that day, not as a mechanical exercise, not as a way to pressurize students in going to tutions so that they are able to complete their home work.

Home work most of the time was fun for me, but it hardly made a difference in the attitude of the teachers towards me. Home works are a regular part of student life as without them a student would be incomplete as would be a teacher’s job of teaching.

Be happy doing home works.

N.B.- Mathematics is a subject which often brings tears to students’ eyes. This is the time when friends come in a group and help each other out to solve different mathematical sums.


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