Come And See Me.

Come and see me.

I am waiting for you.

It’s lunch time,

It’s hot and ready.

Ma has made roti, rice,

Sabzi, dal and fish fry.

Come and see me,

The lunch is over.

We are having ice creams.

It’s strawberry with a cherry on top.

Come and see me,

It’s evening.                                                               

I am watching on television,

And Ma has made the glorious evening tea.

The tea is extremely delicious.

With tea we had buns.

The football mtch just got over and I am now reading the newspaper.

Come and see me,

Its study time now.

I am studying the various subjects.

Come and see me,

Dinner is ready.

Ma has made a wonderful dinner.

Full with beautiful salads and light food dishes.

It’s getting late,

Yet you didn’t come.

Well my friend it doesn’t matter anymore,

As I am going to sleep.

So, bye bye sleep tight.

If possible,

Come and see me,

When light dawns,

When the day begins,

But be careful,

If you don’t come,

I won’t call you again.

So, come and see me……,

I am waiting.


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