The Road We Traverse Everyday.

The road we traverse everyday is our daily hard work, the fruit of our toils and extreme dedication.

Suppose somebody spends his entire day playing video games, the question arises how is that extreme dedication?

It is extreme dedication as the person playing the video game spends his entire time focused upon it.

From morning till night. From bread and jam to supper, we struggle to maintain our existence.

There are two roads on which we traverse everyday. The first one is the journey of life, of daily routine and the other one is the journey which one completes by travelling on roads, in planes, in trains, in buses, in cars.

One journey is monotonous, the other one is exerting on the mind and brain.

Journeys are often completed much earlier than expected, yet people simply keep on pulling.

A baby simply plays in his/her mother’s lap and the mother nearly spends her entire day playing with her child. That is the road which they are traversing at the moment.

The roads of life often intersect with each other, leading to a loop formation.                    

Suppose the fishmonger from whom you have bought fish early in the morning, is the driver of the autorickshaw in which you are returning home.

Your old school teacher is now an employee in your company.

The roads we traverse everyday are very different yet same, still unique.

N.B.-Mothers make aloo puri for lunch one particular day, the other day they prepare chole paratha.

The dishes are different yet the road is same i.e. lunch.

(Aloo puri and chole paratha are both Indian dishes which are extremely delicious to eat. The only thing is that both the dishes are heavy for the stomach and after having a sumptuous lunch there is no other option left than to sleep.)

Have fun traversing the roads of life.


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