A Sailor’s Chest.

I am a sailor’s chest,

On the ocean bed,

Coral reefs all around,

In the depth of the Atlantic.

Often I cry for bright sunrise,

The owner’s name is written on the side of mine,

Closed for time.

The mosses grew over me.

A group of small fish came along with waves,

Past and ate them all for me.

A big ship passed and I got a lift.

In the crest of a coral reef,

I cried to God, please take me up.

And make me all out of this.

I am a tick-tock watch.I am golden.

I am his clothes and diaries.

I am a lot of letters, We are gems,

We are papers and pens of him.

You were Mr.Brand,

The sailor indeed.

But your badge was golden.

As was me.

Twenty five years came by.

I was a thing of thee.

Two divers came and searched around,

Could get me out of the sea.

I was laden with his emotions.

Now I am fine.

Oh! My golden divers.

Who made me happy.

By packing me in the cardboard box,

They sailed again For Lisbon.

Address was written on my side.

Mr.Brand was still alive,

When told about me.

Came and hugged and cried all through,

 Forgetting the time and the sea.

Searched and when the locksmith came,

He made me very happy.


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