Went For A Ride.

We had gone for a ride. After nearly travelling three blocks I asked my father to stop the car. There was a McDonald’s nearby and they were offering ice creams at truly cheap rates. Baba stopped the car and I got down and stood in the line to buy ice cream. The line was big. Apparently everyone felt the thirst for ice creams and needed to buy them urgently.

After nearly waiting for ten minutes, I could place my order. The man serving the ice creams was quick at his work. He first made the waffle, moulded it into a cone, served vanilla ice cream into and added strawberry slurry on top of it. I thanked the man after I took the ice creams from him.

The first taste of the ice cream was exotically divine. I simply sat down on a bench and so did Ma and Baba. The ice cream’s taste gave us a peep into heaven’s beautiful garden where all good souls have a rest after a day’s hard work. The outing became more beautiful and some day when God takes us together back to his abode, we shall definitely visit that garden where only happiness resides and birds sing as sweetly as the morning Sun shine.


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